So u want to breed Arowana in your backyard, so hope this can help u

Golden Arowana

The Golden Arowana is the most popular and expensive ornamental fish
native to Malaysia or other Asia country . The best quality of the crossed-back full scale Arowana is the Malaysian Golden Arowana. This variety only occurs in Bukit Merah Lake in the state of Perak, Malaysia. In its natural habitat breeding season
normally occurs from August to October every year. During the season
village folk from around the lake will try to collect the valuable fry at night.

There are two varieties of Arowana commonly inhabit Malaysian water
bodies; a golden variety and a green variety. The green variety is more
common less expensive compared to the golden variety, which sells at a premium. The crossed-back Golden Arowana commonly inhabits the Kerian
River and its tributaries in Perak. In its natural habitat the fish prefer slightly
acidic clean water and unpolluted natural surroundings, especially
shallow and fast flowing rivers with overhanging vegetation on the river bank.